Artist's  Statement
For me, painting is the perfect mix of the left brain and the right brain working together to solve the problems of the subject matter. A successful painting has pleasing forms, dynamic lines of tension, vibrations of color, interesting textures and holds my attention even after I finish it. It's enormously satisfying when other people see the idea, intent, and emotion conveyed in a piece of my art. *

Christine Contardi was born and raised in Wisconsin. She received her B.A. from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Her Grandfather was an artist and she counts herself lucky that she grew up in a family that appreciated travel and the arts ( even if she didn't appreciate being dragged to the ballet or Williamsburg at the time ). She has lived in Hawaii ( Maui no ka oi ),  Key West, Florida ( long enough to be considered a Freshwater Conch ), the North Island of New Zealand ( Aotearoa ), and the Blue Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Family circumstances brought her back to Wisconsin in 2003.

Christine began painting with acrylics in Asheville, N.C. When she moved back to Wisconsin she  expanded into other water media with watercolor classes at Cedarburg Cultural Center under the instruction of Alice Struck.  Christine started participating in plein air painting competitions in 2009. Christine is a member of Cedarburg Artists Guild ( CAG ) and the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association ( WIPAPA ). She was also juried into the League of Milwaukee Artists in 2010. She is the recipient of the 2010 C.A.G. Fall Show Blue Ribbon Award for her painting, Echinacea.

* I have a confession to make. I know artist statements are de rigueur and many gallery owners require them.  However, I have never read a good, much less great , artist statement. I include my own artist statement in this sweeping generalization. When I read statements extolling an artist's profound attraction to light and color, I think to myself, "Is there anyone on earth who isn't drawn to light and color? Is there really a large population out there shrugging their shoulders with indifference and thinking to themselves,' Light and color? Meh, I can take it or leave it'." OK, now that I have alienated my fellow artists and gallery owners, I will conclude. When you come across art that makes you smile, sigh, cry or gasp know that you have made an artist happy.
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